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hi love greetings - mel and goose

Hi, I'm Mel! On paper, my shop started when I was 4 years old and first made cards for my family. Skip ahead a few years and I discovered swear words. Skip ahead a little more and I met and fell in love with a tall, handsome man named Goose.

Goose and I never intended to have a serious relationship. But, here we are, nearly 14 years later... happy, madly in love, and just moved back to the beautiful Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia where we (and hi, love. greetings!) began. Our love and the love of people around me inspired me to write a lot of notes filled with messages of love. Some were very sweet, while others were filled with adult language I adore.

"hi, love. greetings" got its name from something Goose and I say to each other a few hundred times each day, "hi, love." I still smile when I see these words on a card or on my shop logo.

After purchasing my new favourite tool, my Epson Stylus Photo R3000 printer, or Eppy for short, I was able to share my cards at the quality I wanted. I also wanted to keep my business as environmentally friendly as possible without sacrificing quality or value. I chose to print all my cards & envelopes on 100% recycled 100% PCW Mohawk fine paper that has been produced using sustainable energy. The sleeves I package my cards in are vegetable based and biodegradable. The mailers I use are recycled and fully recyclable. I'm proud that I can provide a responsible product at a fair price.

I have fun each time I sit down to turn a hastily jotted note into a card. It's still fun when I refuse to go to sleep because I'm not quite happy with the design of a card. I love printing cards and seeing them come to life. The paper feels so good in my hands. I'm happiest when I see how excited someone is to share a hi, love. greetings card with their love. I simply love putting ideas to paper. I love the constant flow of ideas the people in my life encourage. For that, I am forever grateful.

hi, love. greetings is growing, and that's thanks to you! We look forward to change, growth, and most certainly, adventure! I hope you'll join me!

- Mel xo

melanie sampson - owner hi love greetings